1. Introduction

In this guide you will learn how to connect your device to Husarion Cloud and how to program, share and use CORE2-powered devices.
What will you find here:
  • How to start - this page - the shortest way to run your first program on CORE2 connected to Husarion Cloud
  • Hardware - a description of all hardware functionalities of CORE2 development board: specifications, connectivity, electrical parameters etc.
  • Tutorial - how to use each CORE2 peripheral (simplified API reference)
  • Examples - learn by example - you will appreciate this during writing more advanced programs!
  • API reference - all classes and methods of hFramework API for more advanced or inquisitive users. You will find it useful sooner or later :)

2. Preparing hardware

At first, connect your CORE2 hardware to the WiFi gateway. For your convenience, you can choose the configuration that suits you best. Choose one of the following configurations to connect your CORE2 to the WiFi gateway:

2.1. Option #1: ESP8266 as removable module to CORE2

Choosing this option you will be able to easily run CORE2 in a different configuration in the future (e.g. with Raspberry Pi Zero).
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2.2. Option #2: CORE2 + RaspberryPi2 or 3

Follow these steps to assemble CORE2 with RaspberryPi2 (or RaspberryPi3). Linux computer is useful if you need to run complex software on your connected device (e.g. ROS libraries, video processing etc).
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Download and flash your SD card with Husarion RPi Image - instructions
  1. Download image for Raspberry PI from https://files.husarion.com/rpi-image-stable.img.
  2. Follow the official guide for writing image to SD card - https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/installation/installing-images/.

3. Power supply

Connect your CORE2 to DC power supply. The power connector has to be in standard DC 5.5/2.1 (centre-positive), and provide 6 to 16V output. You can use:
  • DC adapter
  • Li-poly/Li-ion packages - 2S or 3S (e.g. 18650 batteries)
  • AA alkaline batteries (4-10 pieces)

4. Connecting to the Cloud

Before you perform the next steps, install hConfig mobile application on your smartphone or tablet:
You also need to register your own account on Husarion Cloud.
Open hConfig app on your smartphone and follow a wizard that will show you how to connect CORE2 to your WiFi network and your Husarion cloud account. After you select WiFi network for your CORE2 in hConfig app, you can proceed to the next steps.
1. hConfig app will ask you to add a new device. Open https://cloud.husarion.com in your browser and sign in
2. Click "Add new device"
3. Enter a name for you CORE2 powered device
4. Scan QR code using your hConfig app
5. Well done! You just added your first device to the cloud!

5. Writing your first program

1. Open WebIDE
2. Create new project
3. Select CORE2, HowToStart template, and type a project name
4. Web IDE will appear with your first project code
5. Click "<none>" next to "selected device" and select your device
6. Click a button with a "cloud with arrow" to upload new firmware to your device

6. Using a device connected to Husarion Cloud

In the previous step you have uploaded the firmware into your CORE2. Let's check how it works!
1. Go to https://cloud.husarion.com and click the myFirstDev's avatar
2. After a while your device UI will appear

7. Share your device with friends

Husarion Cloud allows you to share your devices conntected to Husarion cloud with other people with just a few clicks.
1. Click "+" next to your device's name at https://cloud.husarion.com and select "Share"
2. Select "Share via Link" and click "Generate link"
3. When you open generated link, you’ll see your device’s web UI.
Now you can share the link with anybody!

8. Next steps

You can find more information on:
Please also visit our page on hackster.io: https://www.hackster.io/husarion and see the projects built by our community!